Bivouac Camping Trailers

This is our line of light-weight, affordable trailers for the adventurers both on the road and off. 

Each one of our trailers is designed and built in Phoenix, Arizona by the passionate people in our manufacturing facility. We started as adventurers and are still adventurers who build absolute top of the line expedition trailers for overlanders and entry level campers. 

Listed on our website are our top trailers: the Fort, Fort XL, Gobi, and Fort MX but those of you who have been a part of our loyal following over the last decade know we have many more that we are still able to make. The Outpost, the Yak, and the Crawler to name a few. We still have the ability to make each and every trailer we ever have in the past as well as customize our current line of trailers. 

Thank you for being the best part of our business! 

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