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The MOAB Outpost is based on the OZ Trail tent rather than the standard Roof Top-Tents of our other trailers. Although this tent costs about $1400 more than a  comparable RTT it comes with a full-length awning and does not require a tent lift  to accommodate the vestibule for extra sleeping capacity. This all translates to  overall savings in options bringing the finished cost inline with the MOAB Fort  XL pricing.  

The biggest difference with the two trailers is the OZ Trail tent opens to create a  room adjacent to the bed allowing all campers to be in the same tent at two levels,  with a king-size bed on the trailer and others camping on air mattresses on the tent  floor. With optional awning walls this trailer can easily sleep a dozen people.  

The Outpost is also 16" longer than the Fort XL and 32" longer than the Fort  giving you a much larger cargo area. Because the Outpost uses a trailer tent we are  only able to mount 31” tires, which allows us to keep the tent low enough to open  to the ground. 

 Downloadable Trailer Spec Sheet and Options List

NOTE:  Spec Sheet and Options List is for reference ONLY.  An updated sheet is being developed with updated pricing and options.  Please call us for the most accurate information.  

MOAB Trailers Spec Sheet

MOAB Trailers Options List


  • Trailer Weight: Approx. 1850 lbs. (Base) to approx. 1925 lbs. (Summit)
  • Ground Clearance: 16 in
  • Chassis Length: 13.0 ft
  • Chassis Width: 6.0 ft
  • Trailer Height: 4.8 ft
  • Standard Enclosed Storage: 43.8 ft³
  • Galley Size (Summit Package only): 43″L x 22″W x 13″H
  • Galley Preparation Table (Summit Package only): 44″L x 12″W
  • Aluminum Front Box Enclosed Storage (Summit package only): 6.7 ft³
  • Trailer Axle: 3500 lb Torsion Axle de-rated to 2500 lbs

  • Wheel and Tires: Aluminum with 31 x 9.50 x R15
  • Rear Receiver Hitch: 2 in x 2 in
  • Trailer Coupler: 2" ball



  • Powder coated frame
  • Electric brakes
  • Side steps
  • 31″ off-road tires
  • Steel wheels
  • Front swivel jack
  • Basic top cargo rack
  • Roof top cargo basket
  • Diamond plate tongue deck
  • Torsion axle
  • Rear 2″x2″ receiver
  • Jeep fenders
  • Enclosed locking cargo space
  • LED brake and corner lights



  • OZtrail Zenith Ridge Line or Compatible RTT (replaces roof top cargo basket)
  • Sliding Rear Galley
  • Front locking storage box
  • Mounted shovel & axe
  • Two burner stove
  • Basin sink with drain
  • Sink faucet
  • Water fill inlet
  • 18 gallon water tank
  • Water pump
  • Spare tire gate
  • Dual folding tire gate tables (spare tire not included)
  • 20 lbs. propane tank with holder
  • Propane regulator with hard line to galley stove
  • Propane tankless hot water shower
  • 100 amp/hour AGM battery & battery
  • Storage cargo light
  • Battery charger
  • 400 watt 110v inverter



Shipping will be calculated based on your location and the size of the shipment. As an estimate, shipping will cost approximately $0.50 per mile from Phoenix to your location of choice.

Trailer pickup optional and encouraged! Come see us at our Phoenix, Arizona shop and have your first adventure on the way back. 

Trailer builds take anywhere from 1 month to 4 months depending on the level of customization.