About Us

Rick and Ron, the owners of MOAB Trailers, Bivouac Camping Trailers, LLC. designed their trailers with their own families in mind. From the initial idea of creating the "Swiss Army Knife" of camping trailers, sprang the Safari and the Fort. After months of planning and brainstorming the first M.O.A.B. proto-type was built in a friend's garage in Black Canyon City, Arizona. From that point on, it has been an exciting journey getting the M.O.A.B. introduced to campers and all around sportsmen across the Western United States.

MOAB Trailers has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona since June, 2008. Our company was founded on the basis of providing unique quality camping tent trailers/toy haulers for the outdoor enthusiast. We are a small start-up company consisting of family and friends who have come together to fulfill a dream. Our unique design was created in an effort to fill a niche that has been previously ignored. We are looking to create an environmentally friendly option for people who are in love with the great outdoors.

Along the way, we have aligned ourselves with customers and companies that have allowed us to manufacture the best off road camping trailer possible. We have been inspired to create new products for our loyal customers and have added the M.O.A.B. FORT camping trailer and the Gobi trailer to our product line as a result. 

We absolutely love making trailers and we are committed to an industry leading quality product. We are a small business and take pride in our loyal customers, our products, and the impact we make. We hope to earn your business and get you going on your next adventure soon!