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The all-new MOAB Gobi X is our answer to the overland market’s need for a  light-weight trailer designed for vehicles with towing capacity under 2000 pounds.  This is a first of its kind trailer that has all the capability of being towed overland  while sleeping 2 inside the comfortable cabin. Our proprietary walls are made of  an extruded aluminum frame with 1.5" thick Styrofoam insulated walls and  fiberglass interior and exterior skin laminated together to form the lightest most  rigid walls on the market today. Our walls are NOT made with any wood products.  We do this or strength while overlanding. Our galleys and interior cabinets,  however, are built out of wood in order to bring a softer feel to the rugged trailer.  The wood cabinets hold up to the rigors of off-roading by being attached to the  rigid walls. Trailer dimensions are 144" long, with a 75" width and the weight is  1,160 lbs. The cabin will fit a mattress with dimensions 77"x 48.5"x 4" which is  around the size of a full bed.  

The Gobi X comes in one standard package (no Base or Summit package) to keep  the weight down to an extremely low 1,100 pounds. Different from our full size 

Gobi, its little brother, the Gobi X saves weight by removing the pull out galley,  stove, and sink, and water tank. The rear storage area consists of a hydraulic pop up door revealing the beautiful wood cabinetry in the storage area. The roof is  equipped with 2 rack tracks, which allow you to mount a load bar system for a 2  person RTT or additional gear storage.  

Add-on options are an aluminum storage box on the tongue of the trailer as well as  an optional battery for lighting and 12-volt power outlet.  

Join the overland movement and get on board with the all-new Gobi X!

 Downloadable Trailer Spec Sheet and Options List

NOTE:  Spec Sheet and Options List is for reference ONLY.  An updated sheet is being developed with updated pricing and options.  Please call us for the most accurate information.

MOAB Trailers Spec Sheet

MOAB Trailers Options List


Shipping will be calculated based on your location and the size of the shipment. As an estimate, shipping will cost approximately $0.50 per mile from Phoenix to your location of choice.

Trailer pickup optional and encouraged! Come see us at our Phoenix, Arizona shop and have your first adventure on the way back. 

Trailer builds take anywhere from 1 month to 4 months depending on the level of customization.